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Stories and Experiences with VR

We create engaging stories and experiences using technology including Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality and Mixed Reality (VR, AR, MR) and 360 video.

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Talks & Demos

Tailored talks and VR demos

Silver Branch run sessions on Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality and Mixed Reality for companies and organisations which include tailored talks and demos.

Next event: Publish or Perish, 10th November, Science Gallery


VR Community Ireland

Join the popular Virtual Reality meetup in Dublin which attracts people from a variety of disciplines including academia, psychology, technology, business and the arts.

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Chris Milk

Virtual reality is a technology that could actually allow you to connect on a real human level, soul-to-soul, regardless of where you are in the world.

Chris Milk (VR producer, Founder of Within)

Alfred Hitchcock predicts VR

In the distant future they will have what I call 'the Tickles'. People will go into a big darkened auditorium and instead of identifying themselves with the characters on screen, they will be that character. I call it 'the Tickles' because when a character is tickled, the audience will feel it. Then, the lights come up and it's all over.

Alfred Hitchcock

Björk on VR

The older I get the more I understand what is special about how we experience music. It’s either one-on-one, or thousands of people at a festival where you lose yourself. It’s not intellectual, it’s impulsive. Virtual reality is a natural continuity of that. It has a lot of intimacy.


About Silver Branch

Silver Branch is led by Camille Donegan and Sabina Bonnici, who together provide specialised services in story technology using VR, AR and online platforms as powerful tools for storytelling and marketing. Their combined experience includes work in theatre, film, computer science, video production, digital strategy, website production, marketing, social media, interactive performances and installations.
In Irish mythology, a Silver Branch was used as a passport to gain access to the ‘Otherworld’, and ‘Silver Branch perception’ is a return from there to perceiving this world as if for the first time. We believe technology can be used in the same way: to create stories and experiences that provide a unique and fresh perspective.
Silver Branch work collaboratively with artists and writers, designers and developers, 3D modellers, film-makers and theatre-makers.
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